Virtual Reality

Discover a brand new world! Be the hero of the space station!



There’s a cyber-detective agency that is capable of investigating crimes committed in the past.


Be one of the first who try VRoom!

Be a part of a virtual reality!


The first in Budapest!

Beyond the reality! 21st century experience!

Cosmos – Virtual Reality

First in Central Europe, visionary virtual escape room by Mystiqueroom!
Feel yourself in a cosmic world, where you have only an hour to complete your mission!
A whole new 3D world, where you’ve never been before, and the sky is the only limit!

For Family&Friends

For birthdays, bachelor day or just a simple weekend when you want to try something special? You can come with your whole family and all your friends! Try the newest and coolest escape room in the world! Have fun!

For Companies

Real team building experience and relaxation at one time! Organize some after-work-fun or some training for the whole company! Thanks to the various games, 30 people can play simultaneously on 4 different level!

As A Gift

Don’t have any idea but want to buy some memorable experience? We have a „GIFT CARD” option to the most exciting escape room in Budapest! You can buy it personally at Mystiqueroom or on +36 30 / 799 56 79!


You can make appointment to
Mystiqueroom’s first virtual level here!
Click on the reservation button!



  1055 Budapest, Szent István krt. 9.     +36 30 / 799 5679

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TFLOPS Computing Power


Pixels of space


light year of travelling by the players


How many people can play the game?

The virtual game can played by 2-6 person.

How much the game cost?

4.900 HUF/person

On what language can it be played?

Hungarian and English.

Is there any age limit for the players?

14-99 years everyone is welcomed!

How can we pay?

Sorry, but we accept only cash (HUF and EUR). Before you come, please make an appointment! If you don’t have time for that, please call us on +36 30 799 56  79 to make sure that you come!

Is it possible to modify or cancel a reservation?

Yes, sure! Please call us for any case on +36 30 799 56  79!

How long before the appointment we have to arrive?

15 minutes before the appointment.

Can we ask for some help or quit the game anytime when we want?

Yes, the game masters are at service in any cases! You start with discussing the options so after you feel yourself in totally safe!


2 person/team

HUF 11990/team


3-6 person/person

HUF 4990/person


Experience pack/couple

HUF 12990/2person